Seal Aqua Leisure

Seal Aqua Leisure

SEAL is a training center for nautical activities including a diving school, the creation and organization of diving trips, a first aid school, a boat license school and all commercial activities related to these activities, such as distribution, sale and rental of nautical and diving equipment, maintenance and service of diving equipment, underwater work, rental and maintenance of floating equipment, boats, paddles, kayaks, pedal boats, creation of events and dedicated trips.)

why we are?




SEAL AQUA LEISURE was born from the association of two scuba diving professionals and passionate about nautical activities with more than 15 years of experience in the field of diving teaching, first aid and boat license. The respect of the training standards and the safety of the users are the priorities of this company which will assure you moreover a personalized quality service.


Our structure provides a service of revision of your diving cylinders by conveying them to the approved company for visual and hydrostatic controls. We offer you a service of revision of your regulators, our approved technicians on the brands Mares, Aqualung, Apeks and Scubapro. We offer you a service of air inflation of your cylinders as well as a service of equipment rental.

If you own a boat, rent a mooring buoy or a berth, we offer you a range of services and underwater works to control and secure your installation. Inspection of submerged installations, maintenance, installation and supply of moorings, port works, search and recovery of objects.

Our Goal

To bring our experience and skills to a wide public, from children to adults, from private to group lessons, through fun, sporting and educational activities and events.

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core values


top quality

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    Our team of qualified professionals, made up of certified technicians, will ensure a rigorous follow-up and maintenance of all your scuba diving equipment.

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    Thanks to our experience, we guarantee you a quality, personalised service, combining pleasure and safety in each of the activities we offer.

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    All our trainers, with regularly updated skills and techniques, ensure you a personalised service in compliance with training and safety standards.